by Haunted Horses

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"Haunted Horses' album Watcher roves its eyes down tight catacomb passages. Tamped-earth elements of industrial and experimental noise cast post-rock, death-psych shadows. Corroded loops seep in and cycle under veiled, moaning vocals. There is a possessed tension to the songs—a dissonance that's by design." - The Stranger

"These tracks are free-form and impressionistic, steering well clear of anything even closely resembling new wave in favour of hypnotic marches and schizophrenic song structures that veer wildly from robotic repetition to explosions of volume and dissonance and back again just as suddenly." - CVLT Nation


released September 28, 2013


Recorded by Justin Wilmore at Crybaby Studios in Seattle, WA.
Mixed by Myke Pelly and Justin Wilmore.
Album Artwork by Myke Pelly.
Mastered by Jack Shirley.



all rights reserved


Haunted Horses Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Numinous
Inside deaths garden they wept blessed sacraments to reveal the lords mouth in candle light. Bury these visions in lapsed memories where I am the watcher in candlelight. The moon is waning its tyranny, to bathe the watcher in candlelight.
Track Name: Goetia
Goetia, come Goetia. Goetia light the forest stones, Goetia burn his winters throne to light the night. Goetia, come Goetia. Salt my hands in sea of children drowning.
Track Name: The Moons March
These frozen branches scratched our face while we were walking. Feel cloaked in soil, our eyes went white in the moons light. The forest cracked it's roots to bend the lights of Erra's veil. Our stones a flame untorn between the shades of Erra's veil.

Through moss soaked riverbeds, until we hit the ocean. Our eyes, pearl white we laid our heads unto the lords mouth. Tears left to salt the sea and bathe pestilence consort, evoke his winter's hammer and drown these children in light.
Track Name: Children Of Light
Sacrificed tears blessed the children of light, martyred in tides wrapped in the waves of night. Salting the sea. I took my fingers out from my writhing tongue as my movements grew still. Pressing the years from a collapsing sky the days and the nights collide where the forest prays to the children of light. Kneel; pray to the ocean through the fire layers of salt laid for the children’s altar. Hymns of silence, weep in silence, drowning children choking on the prayers. Bodies marked out the lights of the forest where children are digging our graves. Burn the lightless sleep and choke on the dirt veiling all that breathes this lost eternal sleep. Bury all the children with our sins, all the lives in innocence and lies. As the forest arch’s to the west we sat and listened to its hallowed death. The forest prays to the children of light.
Track Name: The Void
Dark mirrors encircle the pews of the lords where heads hung absolution in its cage. White silk tied around the necks of the mourned, their bodies turn in praise of the void, setting fire to their gods. Waxing the watcher moves the moon. Whispers to the parish one by one. “Burn the gods. “ Wading inside this candlelight the void of sorrow birthing the cradle of a womb a sky so lifeless. Forsake the emptiness of prayer and drown the idols, cleansing inside a worlds lost light, which healed them.
Track Name: Lumenance
This winter marks the watchers center. Burn these righteous preachers. Ash draped mirrors praise the heavens for a world devoid of light. Burn the pews inside the church and weep, breathe the ash absolved of century’s faith. Lay the pure white garments onto the soil, and bleed the veins until the arms grow hollow. Burn the gods that left the winters cold. Cleanse the hands of a life that drowned us all. Laid out by the river I was born to a sky devoid of light on winters throne.
Track Name: Animist in the Gallery of Muses
There’s a fire in the western sky where the mourning look to hide from a room of fractured lights, beneath the windowsill I’m perched. There’s a fire in the western sky, and I regret this promise of a life. I drowned the mirrors in deceit for all the world to weep. There’s a fire in the western sky, see a new world bathed in light, as fallen muses grace the tides for a moon that’s calling.

The animist will purge the past of a false salvation
Kneel in winters breath of death and weep, weep.
Weep exasperated pleas face to the floor and (infinity)
Track Name: White Eyes
I’m at winters whim in the ladder of lights, a flame on silver throne binding seas of despair. Knelt kin, the moon, blood loss, the moon, I am the moon to burn. White eyes severing the tongues of lost willed kneeling to the seraphim in a glass sky of painted limitations there are snakes marked, writhing in the moons light. Recede the oceans of this scorched earth, burnt black beneath the bleeding skyline, and revile this sacrifice in fever and bleed. I’m coming for you all.